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Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues and Climb Team,

This will be a bit of a shocker … but as I have adjusted emotionally, this sort of fits with the whole premise of the climb that I have worked so hard for over the last several years.

In the midst of my pre-climb evaluation and between 10 mile work outs, I was found to have two bad heart valves and more narrowed vessels in my heart than I should. While the cardiologists and surgeons scratched their heads to figure out how I could be so active and fit with the heart I have, it did become clear at this moment—the risks of me climbing are too great.

Thus, while the Magelli Heart Climb is off and running, I will be recovering from cardiac bypass surgery and valve replacement.

This is a tough one, but my vision has not changed, and I am going down this path so I may yet be able to summit this mountain after I get my revitalized “super” heart back in condition.

The project and study remains a passion of mine and the climb team. Our hope is to leverage the experience of this year’s climb to continue the study with a smaller, limited team within a year post surgery. So, if you did not get a chance to join this inaugural Magelli climb, stay tuned …

While initially devastating news to me, it is in the end, a part of the reason that many of us are in fact climbing. It is a challenge and a test of our character, resilience and desire and something that brings excitement to life.

Please keep me in your prayers … Monday will be D-day, but then I will be excited to follow the climb and hear the stories when the climb team returns.

Thank you, Paul