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Paul had successful heart surgery today and is recovering in ICU at Mayo. Here’s his message to all his friends and colleagues and those following the climb:

Paul Sr. here—I am out of surgery and recovering from yet another life experience. I am deeply grateful to the incredible team of Mayo physicians led by Dr. Schaff who performed the surgery. The pillars of my medical counsel—my primary care physician, Dr. Alfredo Clavell and his dear wife, Dr. Maria Colazzo-Clavell, and Dr. Steve Textor and dear Martha Mangan, Mayo retiree—who are gifts to the profession and humankind. My rock of nearly 60 years Karolyn, my children, Dr. Merrell and PJ and the hundreds who have sent emails, text messages, posts on Facebook, etc., have me emotionally overwhelmed. Continue to pray for me; send strength and determination and I will be back in class in a month; back on the treadmill in a few weeks; and visions of summiting that elusive mountain. My love and affection to each of you who care for me.